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Posted: 1 week ago / Jun 28, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago / Jun 28, 2020



Brad Cherry's Staff Application

In-Game Name: BradCherry

Country: United Kingdom

Level: I am year 4

Have you been staff on a server before? If yes, please list them and what your rank was: I was staff on NRGaming (DarkRP) and i got to admin rank before their server was shit. I have owned multiple servers in the past also

Provide a definiton of what RDM is and how it occurs: RDM = Random Death Match. It occurs when one person trys to kill another person without any cause

Provide a definition of what Metagaming is: It is when 2 parties are talking to each other and are providing infomation that shouldnt be gained that way and the players should rp to get that info not be told ooc

Provide an example of FailRP: When someone doesnt go along with your RP. For example you want to RP as dobby and you ask for them to do something in RP and they dont.

Why do you want to be staff on the server? (50 words minimum): I would like to be staff so i can help out in the community and help keep the metagaming and failrp to a minimum. I would make an excellent staff member due to my knowledge of owning servers in the past and also being admin on said NRGaming and have great knowledge of Aurora Gamings rules and have been in the server for some time now so i know how the server operates more indepth.

Do you have a mic?: Yes

Any extra information you would like to give?: If im staff you wont regret it 😉

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