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Posted: 1 week ago / Jun 29, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago / Jun 30, 2020

In-Game Name: Ezra Merrick

Country: United Kingdom

Level: Year 1 (at present time but been on the server since release)

Have you been on an events team before? Yes, I was part of the AG DWRP Events Team for around a week or too before the server shut down.

Why do you want to join the events team? I would like to join the events team because i have a vast knowledge of the HP Universe as i grew up with the books and films. I would like to help make the server the best Hogwarts server on all GMOD by helping people have fun and relax while RPing there favorite scenes or defending from attacking dark forces. I also have a wide imagination and a real passion for helping people have the best time, making them excited for the next event. I never got much time in my last events team and had so many ideas so i really hope you will consider me.

Do you have a mic? Yes

Any extra infomation you would like to give? I just want to say that i'm really enjoying my time on the server since day one (which is release day for me).


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