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Posted: 1 week ago / Jul 31, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago / Jul 31, 2020



• What is your suggestion?: 

An Azkaban system possibly. So a system so when a Dark Force is spotted outside the Forbidden Forrest or commiting a crime. They would be able to send that person to azkaban for a short period of time. Possibly have like a keybind or weapon to each auror character that they have to hold for like 3 seconds (could be tested to work a better time if needed) whilst the person is stunned or standing (Should work when stunned, just to emphasise XD) which could easily be countered by any other dark forces by stunning/killing them as they would need to stand still Where there could be like small segment of azkaban with an exterior in which dementors could be on guard there until lockdown as dark forces could possibly break out inmates for extra rp. This could also be used for like little events as such with teachers being sent to Azkaban for certain Ministry reasons.

• What are the benefits of this?: 

This will bring plenty of extra RP for both sides to take part in. This will also bring less straight murder for anything which there shouldn't be. Also brings more risk to snatchers to not want to be spotted by aurors as its pretty easy to keep going when they're trying to kill you as when you're stunned, you get up in time to stop anyone from breaking out anyways. Then if you are killed, it's no big deal, you can just go snatch someone else with nothing to worry about. However there is more risk and punishment to getting caught as a snatcher, more reason to be sneaky and hunt away from the crowds, bringing extra thrill. Also for Death Eaters, more reason to fear Aurors as they did in lore and they may need to run away or something for example.

• Any links (such as Steam Workshop or GitHub) that may be required: 

Probs all need to be custom.

• What could go wrong with this?:

Could be abused by minges just like prefects could and people could also possibly get bored waiting in Azkaban.


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