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Posted: 1 week ago / Aug 01, 2020



In-Game Name: Forty Quinn
Country: United Kingdom
Are you Year 5 or above?(Year 5+ only): Year 5 (Nearly Year 6)
Have you been on an events team before? If yes, please list them: No I haven't (Have been a Admin on some DarkRP servers/Star Wars RP a while ago)
Why do you want to join the events team? (50 words minimum): I beleive I can bring some possible events that will really entertain the other players! I work well in a team and don't mind a debate and some critisim! I want to ensure we keep the players returning for more and to have fun!
Please write a detailed event idea you have: Well I feel like we are missing out on utilising on the Hogsmede area of the map. it has some great potential and we should be using it more! Possibly a Bar keep role to hand out Butter-Beer and general rp would be fun!

I'd quite like the idea of a possible Student Rebellion/Resistance against the Teachers! Get some factions together and like claim areas and defend against the teachers. (Possible galleons involved)

We need to really do more with the Death eaters taking over the school and turning it slightly darker with teaching standards and punishments. All lessons being taught to be very dark and fit the characteristics of the Dark Forces.

Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our events team?: I'm very charismatic and always have an opinion to say in all situations! I have a rather good knowledge of most of the Harry Potter Films so I can bring some of these famous scenes and fun ones to the RP Server for all to enjoy/learn if they aren't familiar.
Do you have a mic?: Yes I Do!
Any extra information you would like to give?: Daddy Reverb told me to do it <3 

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