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Posted: 1 week ago / Sep 13, 2020
Edited: 6 days ago / Sep 17, 2020



In-Game Name: Lord Magmarnar

Country: Holland

Are you Year 5 or above?(Year 5+ only): Year 5 but close to 6

Have you been on an events team before? If yes, please list them: i have never been in a event team but i have been done a lot of events on a lot of different servers (50+) .
Why do you want to join the events team? (50 words minimum): I would like to join the events team because I want to host events. I am also a active member on the server for beter or worse. I can easily talk to players i know more or less what they like in events. I two have a couple of events in my head that I think will be fun to do (more a on that later).

Please write a detailed event idea you have:

the one you should not have killed

My event is about a murder mystery this will take 3-5 helpers 1 murderer, one ghost aka the dead one, dumbledore.

It start with all everyone being called to the great hall were there will be dumbledore and a ghost. Dumbledore will say that this ghost was killed by a murderer and that the ghost ask for help. The studance interrogates the ghost for cluse the ghost tell the studance to look for cluse at the place he was killed and that the killer has a cloak and black hair. the studance go the place where the ghost got killed near the graveyard. At the graveyard there is a note telling them to go to the great hall were the studance find the killer holding Dumbledore hostage saying that if he will kill him if he wont get 100k the studance can kill the killer, pay the money or bargain for his release. after this the event is over.

Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our events team?: I think I would be a good fit for events team because I have a lot of good ideas that i think a lot of people will enjoy. I will host events 2-3 times a week give or take i will do more events if i get a lot of  good feedback.

Do you have a mic?: yes

Any extra information you would like to give?: i'm a good boi now.

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