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Posted: 2 months ago / Sep 15, 2020
Edited: 1 month ago / Sep 27, 2020

In-Game Name: Daisy Fenlock
Country: Canada
Are you Year 5 or above?(Year 5+ only): I'm almost at year 5. 4 with about 65%
Have you been on an events team before? If yes, please list them: I have not.
Why do you want to join the events team? (50 words minimum): I've only started playing this server recently but I already feel so invested in it. I've had a blast and the events make the server stand out and make it a more unique playing experince. I'd like to be apart of that. 
Please write a detailed event idea you have: The floor is lava, a great game with easy rules. We could set up a course on the grounds, with various surfaces to jump between. You could do classic elimation where the last person up is out, or an obstical course of sorts over a longer stretch of land. If you're able to suspend items in the air it could also
Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our events team?: Honestly yes, I've been a huge fan of both rp and harry potter most of my life. I've always been curious about the rp servers on gmod but i never bothered with it, and now that i have I'm so glad I did. I'm patient and hardworking, even if my school/ work timestable keeps me busy. I'd love to join the team to make the server more fun for everyone
Do you have a mic?: Yes
Any extra information you would like to give?: I am a full time student, and work part time so free time is going to be a little slim. However, that's never stopped me from allowing myself some down time to have fun with cool people. Thank you.

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