Suggestion: Homework changes. and class improvements?

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Posted: 1 week ago / Oct 17, 2020

What is your suggestion?: Overhauling the homeworks and make them fuctionable and challenging rather than just an xp source

What are the benefits of this?: It will make classes mostly when it's time to do the homework more challenging and interactable and it can also give out exp or house points. Idea: it can either be an individual thing or award the exp/points to the house with the most students that have done their homework

Any links that may be required?: Don't really know if there is an existing add on that could make this work but my idea was teacher's making the homework themselves during or a little bit earlier it's time to give out homework. My other idea was people or server staff make already existing homework and then teacher's can select the type: Depends on the lesson, either if it's a pop quiz or just a simple question with a simple answer.

What could go wrong with this?: Not being able to make this happen

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