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Edited: 1 month ago / Jan 16, 2020



Name + IGN (In-Game Name):  Demogorgon + Clone Sammy 

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:159070005

Country/Timezone: Scotland GMT

Time On Server: 2days 8hours 

Experience As Staff on SWRP Servers:  i have not got experince as staff on SWRP 

Are you able to help out on events as staff and as a player?:  i will be able to help in any way possible

Do you know basic ULX commands? Yes i do 

Provide a detaled definition of RDM: RDM is when a player randomly kills another player with out an RP reason 

Provide a detailed definition of LTAP: LTAP is when a player would purposely (lets say close down their game) to avoid getting punished for doing something they shouldn't have like RDM 

Provide a brief definition of Metagaming: Metagaming is when a player transfers RP infomation to non RP infomation ussaly through OOC

Are you staff on any other servers?:  no i am not staff on any other servers

How did you hear about us?: i heard about the server through JJbegbie/TAROS 

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