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Edited: 1 week ago / Feb 12, 2020

Name + IGN (In-Game Name): IGN=Sith Acolyte Wilfred Mott. Discord=Wilfred Mott
Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:196674897
Country/Timezone: United Kingdom
Time On Server: 2 days
Experience As Staff on SWRP Servers: No but do have experiance on other game modes.
Are you able to help out on events as staff and as a player?: Yes of course.
Do you know basic ULX commands? Yes
Provide a detailed definition of RDM: RDM means random death match, this is when someone is killing people randomly.
Provide a detailed definition of LTAP: LTAP means leaving the game to avoid punishment.Eg: someone who is about to be told off by a staff member but quickly leaves.
Provide a brief definition of Metagaming: Metagaming is when a player uses knowledge that doesnt come from the in game. Eg: Someone has there job name as that disguised rebel but then a person kills them because there a rebel.
Are you staff on any other servers?: Yes on Aurora Gaming DWRP.
How did you hear about us?: Aurora Gaming DWRP.

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