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Edited: 1 month ago / Dec 29, 2019
  • Follow CL (Clearance Level) Areas. If found in an area alone above you CL you are subject to AOS.
  • All players MUST follow the rules set by their regiment Commander, and follow all commands given without question. 
  • All Players MUST complete basic training from a Trooper SGT or above. If found outside the Training block without training given this then by default goes to rule one. 
  • DO NOT SPAM CHAT. Abusive language towards ANY player can be found as abuse of chat permissions and can result in a days ban or more. 
  • Simple rules on the server such as PTS are not to be broken. IF broken during a debrief with high ranking officers can be dealt with by either by a commanding officer or above, in cases by an admiral or above.
  • You must Salute ALL fleet personnel if passing or before a conversation as started. If this rule is broken you can be subject to discommendation. 
  • Golden Rule: All personnel MUST have weapons holstered if on DEFCON 5 or 4. If found to have broken this rule, this is subject to reprimand by a senior officer. 
  • Any personnel at the rank of Second LT or above must be ALWAYS taken as a priority over ANY personnel, IE evacuation, escort or Protection. 
  • If the Emperor is on the station and or site of occupation, the DEFCON system is to go to DEFCON 3 by default, protection is to be given at all times. (All personnel must attend his arrival on station or compound)
  • In the event that you are killed by Lord Vader, this is not subject to ANY stated rules. This does NOT affect ranking position. (DON'T PISS HIM OFF)

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